Hearing Loss Association of America: The only U.S. advocacy group for the hard of hearing. HLAA has local chapters throughout the country and an annual convention.

Hearing Health Foundation: The largest non-profit funder of hearing research in the U.S.

Help Advisor: A website for seniors with information on treating and living with hearing loss.

Intelligent: A resource on online colleges for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Living with Hearing Loss: Blogger Shari Eberts writes about her own hearing loss and common challenges the condition presents in everyday life.

Hearing Tracker: A comparison site to find local audiologists and customer ratings.

Medicare Advantage: Tips and resources for Medicare beneficiaries (those 65 and up) who have hearing loss.

The Ultimate Guide to Hearing Loss: This guide from the website Best Hearing Health gives an overview of hearing loss symptoms, treatments, and tips to slow the progression of the condition.