Whether you’re new to living with hearing loss or are an old pro, it can be tough to find reliable information about it. It’s always surprised me that for a health condition that affects so many people, there isn’t more about hearing loss written on the web.

Consolidated, practical information on hearing loss can especially be challenging for seniors — who are the population most likely to experience it. “Many seniors find themselves struggling with newly developed hearing loss, but it is an issue that can be helped with the right support and information,” says Sarah Martell, a web advocate at More Connected, an outreach organization that focuses on resources for those with under-served needs such as hearing loss. “In addition to the technology that is available, there are matters of lifestyle, financial support, and health considerations to be addressed,” she says.

Two comprehensive resources Ms. Marshall recommends are:

  • Help Advisor: A website for seniors, which includes a guide to treating and living with hearing loss
  • Medicare Advantage: Tips and resources for Medicare beneficiaries suffering from hearing loss

As with any health condition, having the right resources for hearing loss can make a world of difference!

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